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Was he clumsy the second time
Беше ли тромав той втория път?
What kind of toothbrush did he invent
Какъв вид четка за зъби изобрети той?
What kind of worker was he
Какъв тип работник беше той?
What did he get
Какво получи той?
He cruised along the street
Той обикаляше по улицата
He made a lot of mistakes
Той направи много грешки
He said bad things to himself
Той каза лоши неща за себе си
He moved smoothly
Той се премести плавно
he tried something really amazing
той опита нещо наистина невероятно
His motorcycle worked perfectly
Неговият мотоциклет работеше перфектно
His productivity was mediocre
Производителността му беше посредствена
His productivity was low
Производителността му беше ниска
His productivity was very low
Производителността му беше много ниска
Was he successful the first time
Беше ли успешен той първия път?
What did he become
Какъв стана той?