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What did he do every day
Какво правеше той всеки ден?
Whose productivity was very low
Чия производителността бе много ниска?
Why did he become the richest man in the world
Защо той стана най-богатият човек в света?
Why did he cruise along the street every day
Защо той обикаляше по улицата всеки ден?
And they eat a lot of fish
И те ядат много риба
And what was her plan
И какъв беше нейният план?
But, of course, she had some problems
Но, разбира се, тя имаше някои проблеми
Did she buy a car
Купи ли си тя кола?
Did she buy a house
Купи ли си тя къща?
She needed to become strong
Тя трябваше (имаше нужда) да стане силна
He accompanied her to the moon
Той я придружи до Луната
He went with her to the moon
Той отиде с нея до Луната
Her goal was to fight a gorilla
Нейната цел беше да се бори с горила
I want you to do something
Искам да направиш нещо
Of course, obviously
Разбира се, очевидно