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he got a new job
той получи нова работа
he has been very, very unhappy
той е бил много, много нещастен
has he been unhappy from then until recently
бил ли е нещастен от тогава доскоро
until recently
during the whole time he has been unhappy
през цялото време той е бил нещастен
during that whole time he has hated his life
през цялото това (онова) време той е мразил живота си
what has he yearned to do
какво той е копнял да направи
five years ago he got a terrible job
преди пет години той получи ужасна работа
he quit his job
той напусна работата си
so, of course
така, разбира се
she was always rude to everybody
тя беше винаги груба с всички
she was always very harsh
тя беше винаги много сурова
who was very harsh and rude to everyone
кой беше много суров и груб с всички