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That’s just not good
Това просто не е добре
That’s terrible
Това е ужасно
That’s why he asked him to borrow money
Ето защо той го помолил да заеме пари
two things wrong, right there
две неща грешни, точно там
Well, it was because he was so drunk
Е, това бе, защото той беше толкова пиян
But there were three people in the car
Но там са били трима души в колата
Did he want to fly to the moon
Искаше ли той да лети до луната
he gave him money for the lawyer
той му даде пари за адвоката
He was drunk and that’s why he fell
Той беше пиян и затова той падна
How bad was it
Колко зле беше?
Or whatever he decides
Или каквото и да реши
she gets into a lot of trouble just for that
Тя попадна в много неприятности тъкмо за това
She'd been drinking too much
Тя беше пила твърде много
So he hopes that he can get him off
Така той се надява, че той може да го измъкне
So she couldn't control the car anymore
Така че тя не могла да контролира колата повече