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what’s his purpose
Каква е неговата цел?
let’s get started
Нека да започнем
who wanted to be rich
Кой искаше да бъде богат?
what did she say
Какво каза тя?
who wanted a lot of money
Кой искаше много пари?
where did she go
Къде отиде тя?
she went to Las Vegas to get rich
Тя отиде в Лас Вегас да забогатее
what was the casino’s name
Какво беше името на казиното?
which table did she walk to
До коя маса отиде тя (се приближи)?
how much money did she bet
Колко пари заложи тя?
who frowned
Кой се намръщи?
what did she want to do
Какво искаше да прави тя?
how did she feel
Как се чувстваше тя?
very spicy
много пикантно
what was his problem
Какъв беше неговия проблем?