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who loved bright clothes
кой обичаше ярки дрехи
who was always very conspicuous
кой беше винаги много открояващ се
he has liked to shoot mosquitoes
той обичал да стреля комари
he has practiced every day
той практикувал (упражнявал се) всеки ден
he has had total competence
той е имал тотална (пълна) компетентност
since when
от кога
something happened recently
нещо се случи наскоро
and then something else happened
и тогава се случи нещо друго
he subconsciously learned
той подсъзнателно научи
and he changed
И той се промени
why did he change
Защо се промени той
how did he change
как се промени той
he became very peaceful
той стана много мирен (миролюбив)
And he decided to never kill again
и той реши никога да не убива отново
he threw his gun into the river
той хвърли пистолета си в реката