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so, we didn't go out
Така че, не излязохме
yesterday she was wearing trousers
вчера тя носеше панталони
the sun was shining
слънцето грееше
and the birds were singing
и птиците пееха
it isn't raining
не вали
it wasn't raining when we went out
не валеше, когато излязохме
what did you do yesterday morning
какво прави вчера сутринта
we played tennis
играхме тенис
we were playing tennis
играехме тенис
were you watching television when I phoned you
телевизия ли гледаше когато ти телефонирах?
they were waiting at the bus stop
те чакаха на автобусната спирка
what was he afraid of
от какво се страхуваше той?
which hospital is he in
в коя болница е той?
who is she going with
с кого отива тя?
what do you want to talk to me about
за какво искате да разговаряте с мен?