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He was quiet
Той беше тих
He became obese
Той стана с наднормено тегло (затлъстял)
He got sick
Той се разболя
Every time she has said
Всеки път тя казвала
Did she want to swim
Искаше ли тя да плува
He had to win the bet
Той трябваше да спечели залога
He was terrified
Той беше ужасен (изплашен)
He won the bet
Той спечели облога
How did he look
Как изглеждаше той?
if she won
ако тя спечелела
what would she get
Какво щяла да получи тя?
Who did he say it to
На кого го каза той?
Who ignored it
Кой го игнорира (това)
you can't beat love
не можеш да победиш любовта
Who saw the light
Кой видя светлината?