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who did he say that to
На кого го каза той?
don’t I have to practice the guitar
Не трябва ли да се упражнявам на китарата?
how good was he
Колко добър беше той?
you're fired
Ти си уволнен
he felt bored
той се чувстваше отегчен
what was he
Какъв беше той
was he a bored salesman
Беше ли той отегчен продавач
he wanted a new identity
Той искаше нова самоличност.
did he want a new job
Искаше ли той нова работа?
I’m weak
аз съм слаб
I’m boring
аз съм скучен
what were they
Какви бяха те
what did he become
какъв стана той
he thought it would be exciting
Той си помисли, че би било вълнуващо
was it exciting
беше ли вълнуващо