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Did he say anything about it?
Каза ли той нещо за това?
Did he show you the picture?
Той показа ли ти снимката?
Did he tell you the truth?
Той каза ли ти истината?
Did he tell you what to do?
Той каза ли ти какво да правиш?
Did I hurt his feelings?
Нараних ли чувствата му?
Did I hurt your feelings?
Нараних ли чувствата ти?
Did it snow yesterday?
Валя ли сняг вчера?
Did the police come?
Дойде ли полицията?
Did you accomplish your goals?
Постигнахте ли целите си?
Did you buy anything?
Купи ли нещо?
Did you finish the job?
Свърши ли работата?
Did you go out last night?
Излязохте ли снощи?
Did you hear the news on the radio?
Чу ли новините по радиото?
Did you invite him?
Поканихте ли го?
Did you look in the kitchen?
Погледна ли в кухнята?