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Did you make it by yourself?
Сам ли направи това?
Did you miss me?
Липсвах ли ти?
Did you notice any change?
Забелязахте ли някаква промяна?
Did you play baseball yesterday?
Играхте ли бейзбол вчера?
Did you say something?
Казахте ли нещо?
Did you see anybody there?
Видя ли някой там?
Did you see him go out?
Видяхте ли го да излиза?
Did you show it to your parents?
Показа ли това на родителите си?
Did you speak at all?
Говори ли изобщо?
Did you study by yourself?
Сам ли учи?
Did you take your medicine?
Взе ли си лекарството?
Did you understand what he said?
Разбра ли какво каза той?
Didn't you go out?
Не излиза ли?
Didn't you read the book?
Не прочете ли книгата?
Didn't you write a letter to him?
Не му ли написа писмо?