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He abuses his authority.
Той злоупотребява с неговата власт.
He accepted her gift.
Той прие нейния подарък.
He accepted my idea.
Той прие моята идея.
He accepted our offer.
Той прие нашата оферта.
He accomplished his mission.
Той осъществи своята мисия.
He accused me of being a liar.
Той ме обвини, че съм бил лъжец
He accused me of having stolen his watch.
Той ме обвини, че съм откраднал часовника му.
He accused the man of stealing.
Той обвини мъжа в кражба.
He achieved his goal.
Той постигна целта си.
He acted foolishly.
Той постъпи глупаво.
He adapted himself to his new life.
Той се адаптира към новия си живот.
He admitted he had taken bribes.
Той призна, че е вземал подкупи.
He admitted his defeat.
Той призна поражението си.
He admitted his mistakes.
Той призна грешките си.
He admitted that he had committed the crime.
Той призна, че е извършил престъплението.