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Was he lying on his back?
Лежеше ли той по гръб?
Was I wrong?
Сгреших ли?
Was it expensive?
Беше ли скъпо?
Was she able to write a report?
Беше ли тя в състояние да напише доклад?
Was the book interesting?
Беше ли интересна книгата?
Was the movie good?
Беше ли добър филмът?
Was there a lot of traffic?
Имаше ли много трафик?
Was there anything for me?
Имаше ли нещо за мен?
Wash up.
Измий се.
Wash your face.
Измий си лицето.
Wash your hands.
Измий си ръцете.
Washing the car took longer than we expected.
Измиване на колата продължи по - дълго, отколкото очаквахме.
Watch out for thieves around here.
Внимавайте за крадци наоколо.
Watch your step.
Внимавай къде стъпваш.
We accepted his invitation.
Ние приехме поканата му.