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what kind of approach did she try next
Какъв тип подход тя опита след това
she did not achieve mastery
тя не постигна майсторство
which race did she want to win
кое надбягване тя искаше да спечели
Is it a long race or a short race
Това дълго надбягване ли е или късо надбягване
but she had a problem, of course
но тя имаше проблем, разбира се
were her friends superstars
бяха ли нейните приятели суперзвезди
they were lazy
те бяха мързеливи
oh, she hated them
о, тя ги мразеше
they were terrible
те бяха ужасни
how much did they eat
по колко ядяха те
were they healthy
Бяха ли здрави те
no, they weren’t healthy
не, те не бяха здрави
were they in good shape
Бяха ли те в добра форма
she wanted to be in great shape
Тя искаше да бъде в отлична форма
did she want new coworkers
искаше ли тя нови колеги