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We want a new carpet.
Искаме нов килим.
We want something new.
Искаме нещо ново.
We went out in spite of the rain.
Излязохме въпреки дъжда.
We went to the mountains to ski.
Отидохме в планините, за да караме ски.
We went to the park to play.
Отидохме в парка, за да играем.
We were all tired.
Всички бяхме уморени.
We were nearly frozen to death.
Бяхме почти замръзнали до смърт.
We were surprised to hear the news.
Бяхме изненадани да чуем новината.
We were sweating in the heat.
Ние се потяхме в жегата.
He could not walk any further.
Той не можеше да върви по-нататък.
He couldn't bring himself to shoot the deer.
Той не можеше да се реши да застреля елена.
He couldn't come because he was sick.
Той не можа да дойде, защото беше болен.
He couldn't get the job.
Той не можа да получи работата.
He cut his sister a piece of bread.
Той отряза на сестра си парче хляб.
He deals in furniture.
Той се занимава с мебели.