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We're going to have a test today.
Днес имаме тест
We're in a hurry.
Ние бързаме.
We're married to each other.
Ние сме женени един за друг.
We're not lost.
Ние не сме загубени
We're ready to leave.
Ние сме готови да напуснем.
We're up against the wall.
Ние сме изправени до стената.
We've arrived.
Ние сме пристигнали.
We've been friends ever since.
Ние сме приятели от тогава.
We've really got to step on it.
Ние наистина трябва да стъпим върху това.
Welcome to our home.
Добре дошли в нашия дом.
Well, let's go.
Добре, да вървим.
Were the people in the other car all right?
Бяха ли добре хората в другата кола?
Were there any problems?
Имаше ли някакви проблеми?
Were you at home yesterday?
Бяхте ли в къщи вчера?
Were you at school at that time?
Бяхте ли в училище по това време?