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a posteriori
from the latter -- knowledge or justification is dependent on experience or empirical evidence
a priori
from what comes before -- knowledge or justification is independent of experience
acta non verba
deeds, not words
ad hoc
to this -- improvised or made up
ad hominem
to the man -- below-the-belt personal attack rather than a reasoned argument
ad honorem
for honor
ad infinitum
to infinity
ad nauseam
used to describe an argument that has been taking place to the point of nausea
ad victoriam
to victory -- more commonly translated into "for victory," this was a battle cry of the Romans
alea iacta est
the die has been cast
at another time -- an assumed name or pseudonym
alma mater
nourishing mother -- used to denote one's college/university
amor patriae
love of one's country
amor vincit omnia
love conquers all