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historia vitae magistra
history, the teacher of life -- from Cicero; also "history is the mistress of life"
hoc est bellum
this is war
homo unius libri (timeo)
(I fear) a man of one book -- attributed to Thomas Aquinas
honor virtutis praemium
esteem is the reward of virtue
hostis humani generis
enemy of the human race -- Cicero defined pirates in Roman law as being enemies of humanity in general
humilitas occidit superbiam
humility conquers pride
igne natura renovatur integra
through fire, nature is reborn whole
ignis aurum probat
fire tests gold -- a phrase referring to the refining of character through difficult circumstances
in absentia
in the absence
in aqua sanitas
in water there is health
in flagrante delicto
in flaming crime -- caught red-handed, or in the act
in memoriam
into the memory -- more commonly "in memory of"
in omnia paratus
ready for anything
in situ
in position -- something that exists in an original or natural state
in toto
in all or entirely