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celerius quam asparagi cocuntur
more swiftly than asparagus [stem]s are cooked
de nobis fabula narratur
about us is the story told
editio princeps
first edition
spes bona
good hope
in regione caecorum rex est luscus
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
veritas vincit
truth conquers (or truth prevails)
divide et impera
divide and rule / "divide and conquer"
lux ex tenebris
light from darkness
Gloria invidiam vicisti
By your fame you have conquered envy
dulcius ex asperis
sweeter after difficulties
terra nova
new land
natura valde simplex est et sibi consona
Nature is exceedingly simple and harmonious with itself
nil desperandum
nothing must be despaired at
Iohannes est nomen eius
John is his name
scuto amoris divini
by the shield of God's love
probatio pennae
testing of the pen
virtus unita fortior
virtue united [is] stronger
delirant isti Romani
they are mad, those Romans[!]
non olet
it doesn't smell
stat sua cuique dies
There is a day [turn] for everybody
lex lata
the law that has been borne
videlicet (viz.)
namely, "that is to say", "as follows"
cor unum
one heart
homo bulla
man is a bubble
timor mortis conturbat me
the fear of death confounds me
quid pro quo
what for what
para bellum
prepare for war
vi et animo
With heart and soul
id est (i.e. (US English) or ie (UK English))
that is
quousque tandem?
For how much longer?
fiat voluntas Dei
May God's will be done
sub judice
under a judge