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missit me Dominus
the Lord has sent me
orando laborando
by praying, by working
Per Crucem Crescens
through the cross, growth
Agnus Dei
Lamb of God
numerus clausus
closed number
oculus sinister (O.S.)
left eye
non est factum
it is not [my] deed
sic et non
thus and not
nihil obstat
nothing prevents
of whom
Praga mater urbium
Prague, Mother of Cities
nomen nudum
naked name
similia similibus solvuntur
similar substances will dissolve similar substances
ad astra per aspera
to the stars through difficulties
invictus maneo
I remain unvanquished
ex opere operato
from the work worked
panem et circenses
bread and circuses
veritas curat
truth cures
ex abundanti cautela
out of an abundance of caution
barba crescit caput nescit
beard grows, head doesn't grow wiser
mortuum flagellas
you are flogging a dead
sapientia et doctrina
wisdom and learning
per annum (pa.)
each year
nolle prosequi
to be unwilling to prosecute
amittere legem terrae
to lose the law of the land
scientia imperii decus et tutamen
knowledge is the adornment and protection of the Empire
temet nosce
know thyself
honoris causa
for the sake of honor
pro rata
for the rate
honor virtutis praemium
esteem is the reward of virtue
per volar sunata[sic]
born to soar
sat celeriter fieri quidquid fiat satis bene
That which has been done well has been done quickly enough
non constat
it is not certain