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aquila non capit muscas
an eagle does not catch flies
stamus contra malo
we stand against by evil
rerum cognoscere causas
to learn the causes of things
plus ultra
further beyond
de futuro
regarding the future
tarde venientibus ossa
To the late are left the bones
in flore
in blossom
principia probant non probantur
principles prove; they are not proved
clausum fregit
A legal action for trespass to land; so called, because the writ demands the person summoned to answer wherefore he broke the close(quare clausum fregit), i.e., why he entered the plaintiff's land.
utilis in ministerium
usefulness in service
ignorantia juris non excusat
(or ignorantia legis non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat) ignorance of the law is no excuse
a mari usque ad mare
from sea to sea
velle est posse
To be willing is to be able. (non-literal: "Where there's a will, there's a way.")
quia suam uxorem etiam suspicione vacare vellet
because he should wish even his wife to be free from suspicion
ad quod damnum
to whatever damage
ut retro
as backwards
protectio trahit subjectionem, et subjectio protectionem
Protection draws allegiance, and allegiance draws protection
nolens volens
unwilling, willing
contra legem
against the law
pia fraus
pious fraud
ante cibum (a.c.)
before food
miscerique probat populos et foedera jungi
He approves of the mingling of the peoples and their bonds of union
rari nantes in gurgite vasto
Rare survivors in the immense sea
miles praesidii libertatis
Soldier of the Bastion of Freedom
ad victoriam
to victory
in extenso
in the extended
in Deo speramus
in God we hope
ut dicitur
as has been said; as above
at another time, otherwise
omnia extares!
Interpreted as "Let it all hang out!", but in fact incorrect Latin construction with no real meaning[70]
cacoethes scribendi
insatiable desire to write
Virtus non stemma
Valor, not garland
sic itur ad astra
thus you shall go to the stars