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morituri te salutant
those who are about to die salute you
spem gregis
the hope of the flock
acta est fabula plaudite
The play has been performed; applaud!
post tenebras lux, or post tenebras spero lucem
after darkness, [I hope for] light
lapsus calami
inadvertent typographical error, slip of the pen
est modus in rebus
there is measure in things
Carthago delenda est
Carthage must be destroyed
sit venia verbo
may there be forgiveness for the word
sub silentio
under silence
praeter legem
after the law
salus in arduis
a stronghold (or refuge) in difficulties
vita ante acta
a life done before
de mortuis nil nisi bonum
about the dead, nothing unless a good thing
nihil dicit
he says nothing
ius primae noctis
law of the first night
ut incepit fidelis sic permanet
as she began loyal, so she persists
pia mater
pious mother
timidi mater non flet
A coward's mother does not weep
in flagrante delicto
in a blazing wrong, while the crime is blazing
aut neca aut necare
either kill or be killed
in place of
we lead
lex ferenda
the law that should be borne
hic sunt leones
here there are lions
ut cognoscant te
so that they may know You.
humilitas occidit superbiam
humility conquers pride
obiter dictum
a thing said in passing
in extremis
in the furthest reaches
pace tua
with your peace
Deo domuique
For God and for home
quis separabit?
Who will separate us?
sit tibi terra levis
may the earth be light to you
video et taceo
I see and keep silent