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inter spem et metum
between hope and fear
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Glory to God in the Highest
esto quod es
be what you are
de jure
by law
camera obscura
dark chamber
audio hostem
I hear the enemy
ex voto
from the vow
curriculum vitae
course of life
a Deucalione
from or since Deucalion
magnum opus
great work
vacate et scire
Be still and know.
ius accrescendi
right of accrual
ex pede Herculem
from his foot, so Hercules
amicus certus in re incerta
a sure friend in an unsure matter
cygnus inter anates
swan among ducks
Malo mori quam foedari
Death rather than dishonour
semper ardens
always burning
ubi re vera
when, in a true thing
summa summarum
all in all
idem (dito) (id.)
the same
non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro
liberty is not well sold for all the gold
cum gladiis et fustibus
with swords and clubs
pendent opera interrupta
the work hangs interrupted
ophidia in herba
a snake in the grass
horribile dictu
horrible to say
per diem (pd.)
by day
littera scripta manet
The written word endures
virtus in media stat
Virtue stands in the middle.
Pax Americana
American Peace
rigor mortis
stiffness of death
durante bene placito
during good pleasure
semper primus
always first