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semper progrediens
always progressing
maxima debetur puero reverentia
greatest deference is owed to the child
omnia in mensura et numero et pondere disposuisti
Thou hast ordered all things in measure, and number, and weight.
ex rel. or ex relatio
[arising] out of the relation/narration [of the relator]
dies nonjuridicum
Day without judiciary
non sibi
Not for self
fluctuat nec mergitur
she wavers and is not immersed
audacter calumniare, semper aliquid haeret
slander boldly, something always sticks
obiit (ob.)
one died
oratio recta
direct speech
semper sursum
always aim high
mundus senescit
the world grows old
laus Deo
praise be to God
non quis sed quid
not who but what
verbi divini minister
servant of the divine Word
ubi libertas ibi patria
where [there is] liberty, there [is] the fatherland
post scriptum (p.s.)
after what has been written
urbs in horto
city in a garden
Sancta Sedes
Holy Chair
ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem
by the sword she seeks a serene repose under liberty
in absentia
in the absence
ex scientia tridens
from knowledge, sea power.
in the writings of
vive memor leti
live remembering death
of age / aged
per unitatem vis
through unity, strength
sol iustitiae illustra nos
sun of justice, shine upon us
vade retro Satana
Go back, Satan!
non silba, sed anthar; Deo vindice
Not for self, but for others; God will vindicate
in statu nascendi
in the state of being born
extra Ecclesiam nulla salus
outside the Church [there is] no salvation
de profundis
from the depths
ab uno disce omnes
from one, learn all