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Caesar non supra grammaticos
Caesar has no authority over the grammarians
Veritas. Virtus. Libertas.
Truth. Courage. Freedom.
Magna Carta
Great Charter
vivat crescat floreat
may it live, grow, and flourish!
non ministrari sed ministrare
not to be served, but to serve
ubi mel ibi apes
where [there is] honey, there [are] bees
lux in tenebris lucet
The light that shines in the darkness
semper invicta
always invincible
Pax Deorum
Peace of the gods
ex vi termini
from the force of the term
Habent sua fata libelli
Books have their destiny [according to the capabilities of the reader]
cui prodest
for whom it advances
sanctum sanctorum
Holy of Holies
Deus meumque jus
God and my right
vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
vanity of vanities; everything [is] vanity
pro tanto
for so much
dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
It is sweet and honorable to die for the fatherland.
periculum in mora
danger in delay
arduus ad solem
Striving towards the Sun
falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
false in one, false in all
haec ornamenta mea[sunt]
These are my ornaments or "These are my jewels"
lex artis
law of the skill
pro rege et lege
for king and the law
sub verbo; sub voce
Under the word or heading, as in a dictionary; abbreviated s.v.
Ex turpi causa non oritur actio
From a dishonorable cause an action does not arise
ad usum Delphini
for the use of the Dauphin
pauca sed matura
few, but ripe
assecuratus non quaerit lucrum sed agit ne in damno sit
the assured does not seek profit but makes [it his profit] that he not be in loss
vitai lampada tradunt
They hand on the torch of life
absens haeres non erit
an absent person will not be an heir
factum fieri infectum non potest
It is impossible for a deed to be undone
sine loco (s.l.)
without a place
operibus anteire
leading the way with deeds