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Domine salvam fac reginam
God save the queen
nemo contra Deum nisi Deus ipse
No one against God except God himself
Protesilaus amet!
Protesilaus should love!
munit haec et altera vincit
this one defends and the other one conquers
coram nobis, coram vobis
in our presence, in your presence
ad susceptum perficiendum
in order to achieve what has been undertaken
sapientia et veritas
wisdom and truth
concordia salus
well-being through harmony
decessit sine prole
died without issue
Salvator Mundi
Savior of the World
discere faciendo
learn by doing
meminerunt omnia amantes
lovers remember all
nihil boni sine labore
nothing achieved without hard work
malum in se
wrong in itself
ad usum proprium (ad us. propr.)
for one's own use
et alii (et al.)
and others
quaque hora (qh)
every hour
sic infit
so it begins
pede poena claudo
punishment comes limping
non nobis solum
not for ourselves alone
errantis voluntas nulla est
the will of a mistaken party is void
auctores varii
various authors
Cane Nero magna bella Persica
Tell, oh Nero, of the great wars of Persia
sensu stricto cf. stricto sensu
with the tight meaning
signum fidei
Sign of the Faith
quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)
what was to be demonstrated
asinus ad lyram
an ass to the lyre
parum luceat
It does not shine [being darkened by shade].
Verbum Dei
Word of God
fecisti patriam diversis de gentibus unam
From differing peoples you have made one native land
fortiter et fideliter
bravely and faithfully
Libertas quae sera tamen
freedom which [is] however late
prima luce
at dawn