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fons et origo
the spring and source
alterum non laedere
to not wound another
petitio principii
request of the beginning
manu forte
literally translated means 'with a strong hand', often quoted as 'by strength of hand'
bis in die (bid)
twice in a day
ex post
from after
in manus tuas commendo spiritum meum
into your hands I entrust my spirit
communis opinio
common opinion
amor vincit omnia
love conquers all
Si monumentum requiris circumspice
If you seek (his) monument, look around you
per ardua
through adversity
opus anglicanum
English work
non sibi, sed omnibus
Not for one's self but for all
pecunia, si uti scis, ancilla est; si nescis, domina
if you know how to use money, money is your slave; if you don't, money is your master
contra vim mortis non crescit herba(or salvia) in hortis
No herb (or sage)grows in the gardens against the power of death
I acquit
ex malo bonum
good out of evil
natura artis magistra
Nature is the teacher of art
Fidei Defensor (Fid Def) or (fd)
Defender of the Faith
punctum saliens
leaping point
tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis
the times are changing, and we change in them
ex scientia vera
from knowledge, truth
verb. sap. / verbum sap.
A word to the wise is sufficient
data venia
with due respect / given the excuse
veritas diaboli manet in aeternum
Devil's truth remain eternally
sola lingua bona est lingua mortua
the only good language is a dead language
respice finem
look back at the end
praesis ut prosis ne ut imperes
Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule
Dominus vobiscum
The Lord be with you
possunt quia posse videntur
They can because they think they can
custos morum
keeper of morals
onus procedendi
burden of procedure
ita vero
thus indeed