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summa cum laude
with highest praise
formosam resonare doces Amaryllida silvas
teach the woods to re-echo "fair Amaryllis"
lex non scripta
law that has not been written
auri sacra fames
accursed hunger for gold
gratiae veritas naturae
Truth through mercy and nature
Dominus pastor
the Lord [is our] shepherd
post mortem (pm)
after death
in retentis
among things held back
uno flatu
in one breath
ave Europa nostra vera patria
hail Europe, our true fatherland
nunc pro tunc
now for then
memento mori
remember that [you will] die
ars celare artem
art [is] to conceal art
vim promovet insitam
promotes one's innate power
hostis humani generis
enemy of the human race
victoria aut mors
Victory or death!
adaequatio intellectus et rei
correspondence of the mind and reality
aut simul stabunt aut simul cadent
they will either stand together or fall together
accipe hoc
take this
memento vivere
remember to live
faciam quodlibet quod necesse est
I'll do whatever it takes
ex novo
from new
non vitae sed scholae
[We learn] not for life but for schooltime
aurora musis amica
dawn is a friend to the muses
nullius in verba
On the word of no man
O Deus Ego Amo Te
O God I Love You
nunc dimittis
now you send
idem quod (i.q.)
the same as
magna cum laude
with great praise
aqua regia
royal water
solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris
misery loves company
semper vigilans
always vigilant
via media
middle road