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vincit qui patitur
he conquers who endures
parare Domino plebem perfectam
to prepare for God a perfect people
hic manebimus optime
here we'll stay excellently
ultra vires
beyond powers
I forbid
age quod agis
do what you are doing
mutato nomine de te fabula narratur
change but the name, and the story is told of yourself
inopiae desunt multa, avaritiae omnia
To poverty many things are lacking; to avarice, everything
Reginam occidere
From "Reginam occidere nolite timere bonum est si omnes consentiunt ego non contradico", a sentence whose meaning is highly dependent on punctuation: either the speaker wishes a queen killed or not.[81]
utraque unum
both into one
deus ex machina
a god from a machine
semper ad meliora
always towards better things
homo praesumitur bonus donec probetur malus
One is innocent until proven guilty
ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas
though the power be lacking, the will is to be praised all the same
scio me nihil scire
I know that I know nothing
Laudatio Ejus Manet In Secula Seculorum
His Praise Remains unto Ages of Ages
beatae memoriae
of blessed memory
ab epistulis
from the letters
malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium
I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery
ab intestato
from an intestate
ab ovo usque ad mala
from the egg to the apples
fas est et ab hoste doceri
It is lawful to be taught even by an enemy
lux et veritas
light and truth
ex dolo malo
from fraud
veritas vos liberabit
the truth will set you free
hinc et inde
from both sides
vero nihil verius
nothing truer than truth
circulus vitiosus
vicious circle
scientiae cedit mare
The sea yields to knowledge
stipendium peccati mors est
the reward of sin is death
dulce bellum inexpertis
war is sweet to the inexperienced
in fine (i.f.)
in the end
the sooner, the better