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omnibus idem
the same to all
Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit
Conquered Greece in turn defeated its savage conqueror
non in legendo sed in intelligendo leges consistunt
the laws depend not on being read, but on being understood
ave atque vale
hail and farewell
Sub umbra floreo
Under the shade I flourish
hic abundant leones
here lions abound
Ecce homo
Behold the man
cedant arma togae
let arms yield to the gown
misera est servitus ubi jus est aut incognitum aut vagum
miserable is that state of slavery in which the law is unknown or uncertain
me vexat pede
it annoys me at the foot
aetatis suae
of his age (followed by an ordinal number)
ceteris paribus
all other things being equal
stante pede
with a standing foot
desiderantes meliorem patriam
they desired a better land
nulla dies sine linea
Not a day without a line drawn
minatur innocentibus qui parcit nocentibus
he threatens the innocent who spares the guilty
hinc robur et securitas
herefore strength and safety
arte et marte
by skill and valour
delegata potestas non potest delegari
delegated powers can not be [further] delegated
pax aeterna
eternal peace
magna di curant, parva neglegunt
The gods care about great matters, but they neglect small ones
da Deus fortunae
God give fortune/happiness
Idus Martiae
the Ides of March
de gustibus non est disputandum
of tastes there is nothing to be disputed
iter legis
The path of the law
decessit vita patris
died in the lifetime of the father
virtute et industria
by virtue and industry
per fas et nefas
through right or wrong
imperium in imperio
an order within an order
gutta cavat lapidem [non vi sed saepe cadendo]
a water drop hollows a stone [not by force, but by falling often]
multis e gentibus vires
from many peoples, strength
de novo
from the new
Deus nobis haec otia fecit
God has given us these days of leisure