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ad eundem
to the same
nascentes morimur finisque ab origine pendet
When we are born we die, our end is but the pendant of our beginning
mobilis in mobili
moving in a moving thing or, poetically, "changing through the changing medium"
Confoederatio Helvetica (C.H.)
ad absurdum
to absurdity
discendo discimus
while teaching we learn
cedere nescio
I Know Not How To Yield
non progredi est regredi
to not go forward is to go backward
ipso facto
by the fact itself
casus belli
event of war
strenuis ardua cedunt
the heights yield to endeavour
tendit in ardua virtus
Virtue strives for what is difficult
they leave
agere sequitur (esse)
action follows being
uberrima fides
most abundant faith
dum spiro spero
while I breathe, I hope
vera causa
true cause
ne te quaesiveris extra
do not seek outside yourself
nunc scio quid sit amor
now I know what love is
tentanda via
The way must be tried
a bene placito
from one well pleased
omne vivum ex ovo
every living thing is from an egg
obscurum per obscurius
the obscure by means of the more obscure
labor ipse voluptas
The pleasure is in the work itself.
gaudeamus hodie
let us rejoice today
sesquipedalia verba
words a foot and a half long
arare litus
to plough the seashore
virtute et armis
by virtue and arms
diem perdidi
I have lost the day
laboremus pro patria
Let us work for the fatherland
calix meus inebrians
my cup making me drunk
per ardua ad astra
through adversity to the stars
locum tenens
place holder