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spero meliora
I hope for better things
ad referendum
to be proposed [before the Senate]
sine prole
Without offspring
barba tenus sapientes
wise as far as the beard
tempus rerum imperator
time, commander of all things
lupus est homo homini
A man to a man is a wolf
nulla tenaci invia est via
For the tenacious, no road is impassable
pollice verso
with a turned thumb
reductio ad Hitlerum
leading back to Hitler
combinatio nova
new combination
cruci dum spiro fido
while I live, I trust in the cross, Whilst I trust in the Cross I have life
lucus a non lucendo
[it is] a grove by not being light
vincit omnia veritas
Truth conquers all
quis leget haec?
Who will read this?
ante mortem
before death
intra vires
within the powers
damnum absque injuria
damage without injury
tertium non datur
no third (possibility) is given
arte et labore
by art and by labour
hic et nunc
here and now
condicio sine qua non
condition without which not
ad abundantiam
to abundance
lectori salutem
greetings reader
floruit (fl.)
one flourished
stricto sensu cf. sensu stricto
with the tight meaning
Pax Hispanica
Spanish Peace
mors omnibus
death to all
bello et jure senesco
I grow old through war and law
perinde ac [si] cadaver [essent]
[well-disciplined] like a corpse
sine ira et studio
without anger and fondness
requiem aeternam
eternal rest
Luctor, non mergor
'I struggle, but am not overwhelmed