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1651 - 1683

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graviora manent
heavier things remain
gaudete in domino
rejoice in the Lord
taliter qualiter
sub divo
under the wide open sky
omne ignotum pro magnifico
every unknown thing [is taken] for great
qui audet adipiscitur
Who Dares Wins
vita mutatur, non tollitur
Life is changed, not taken away.
sub specie aeternitatis
under the sight of eternity
in varietate concordia
united in diversity
ad astra
to the stars
sine qua non
without which not
nemo malus felix
peace visits not the guilty mind
et hoc genus omne
And all that sort of thing
veritas lux mea
Truth is my light.
et cum spiritu tuo
And with your spirit
ne plus ultra
nothing more beyond
Romanes eunt domus
People called Romans they go the house
Ablative form of peace
et sequentes (et seq.)
and the following (masc./fem. plural)
omnis traductor traditor
every translator is a traitor
sic passim
Thus here and there
in se magna ruunt
great things collapse of their own weight
male captus bene detentus
wrongly captured, properly detained
in loco parentis
in the place of a parent
gradibus ascendimus
ascending by degrees
super firmum fundamentum dei
On the firm foundation of God
sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas
use [what is] yours so as not to harm [what is] of others
concordia parvae res crescunt
small things grow in harmony
fortis cadere, cedere non potest
the brave may fall, but can not yield
dicto simpliciter
[from] a maxim, simply
tempus volat hora fugit
time flies, the hour flees
Quod verum tutum
what is true is right
s/he may go out