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1783 - 1815

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lux hominum vita
light the life of man
post hoc ergo propter hoc
after this, therefore because of this
spes vincit thronum
hope conquers (overcomes) the throne
abyssus abyssum invocat
deep calleth unto deep
ubertas et fidelitas
fertility and faithfulness
nemo nisi per amicitiam cognoscitur
No one learns except by friendship
pax Dei
peace of God
Domine dirige nos
Lord guide us
spiritus mundi
spirit of the world
dis manibus sacrum (D.M.S.)
Sacred to the ghost-gods
ducit amor patriae
love of country leads me
inter arma enim silent leges
in a time of war, the law falls silent
igni ferroque
with fire and iron
acta non verba
Deeds Not Words
status quo
the situation in which
ad utrumque paratus
prepared for either [alternative]
sedet, aeternumque sedebit
seat, be seated forever
crescit cum commercio civitas
Civilization prospers with commerce
felicior Augusto, melior Traiano
be more fortunate than Augustus and better than Trajan
mens agitat molem
the mind moves the mass
Obedientia civium urbis felicitas
The obedience of the citizens makes us a happy city
veritate duce progredi
Advancing (with) Truth Leading.
si omnes... ego non
if all ones... not I
manus multae cor unum
many hands, one heart
by the road
quot homines tot sententiae
every man had his sentence
sine nomine (s.n.)
without a name
suo jure
in one's own right
circulus in probando
circle made in testing [a premise]
audi, vide, tace
hear, see, be silent
ab imo pectore
from the deepest chest
fons vitae caritas
love is the fountain of life
manus manum lavat
one hand washes the other