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verbum Domini manet in aeternum (VDMA)
The Word of the Lord Endures Forever
nec tamen consumebatur
and yet it was not consumed
de omni re scibili et quibusdam aliis
about every knowable thing, and even certain other things
Mediolanum captum est
Milan has been captured
nihil humanum mihi alienum
nothing human is alien to me
ut supra
as above
qui me tangit, vocem meam audit
who touches me, hears my voice
laborare pugnare parati sumus
To work, (or) to fight; we are ready
vincere scis Hannibal victoria uti nescis
you know [how] to win, Hannibal; you do not know [how] to use victory
ad interim (ad int)
for the meantime
vita incerta, mors certissima
Life is uncertain, death is most certain
ars gratia artis
art for the sake of art
gloria filiorum patres
The glory of sons is their fathers (Proverbs17:6)
neque semper arcum tendit Apollo
nor does Apollo always keep his bow drawn
sui iuris
Of one's own right
absit iniuria
let injury be absent
acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt
mortal actions never deceive the gods
in silico (Dog Latin)
in silicon
veritas odit moras
Truth hates delay
crescamus in Illo per omnia
May we grow in Him through all things
lege artis
according to the law of the art
cave canem
Beware of the dog
dictum factum
what is said is done
in pectore
in the heart
post coitum
After sex
ad vitam aut culpam
for life or until fault
in vacuo
in a void
lacrimae rerum
The poignancy of things.
corpus vile
worthless body
Pax Domine
peace, lord
I will serve
to seek
ubi jus ibi remedium
Where [there is] a right, there [is] a remedy