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locus standi
A right to stand
quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi
what is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to an ox
ultimo mense (ult.)
in the last month
perge sequar
advance, I follow
thing to be added
lux tua nos ducat
Your Light Guides Us
NN fecit
NN made (this)
cura te ipsum
take care of your own self
ante meridiem (a.m.)
before midday
pro Deo et Patria
For God and Country
multa paucis
Say much in few words
suum cuique tribuere
to render to every man his due
ad perpetuam memoriam
to the perpetual memory
infra dignitatem (infra dig)
beneath one's dignity
statio bene fide carinis
A safe harbour for ships
spiritus ubi vult spirat
the spirit spreads wherever it wants
collige virgo rosas
pick, girl, the roses
in illo ordine (i.o.)
in that order
opinio juris sive necessitatis
an opinion of law or necessity
Deo juvante
with God's help
contra proferentem
against the proferror
aut cum scuto aut in scuto
either with shield or on shield
terra firma
solid land
dulce est desipere in loco
It is sweet on occasion to play the fool. / It is pleasant to relax once in a while.
opera posthuma
posthumous works
I have sinned
ad fontes
to the sources
fidem scit
he knows the faith
honestas ante honores
honesty before glory
Roma locuta, causa finita
Rome has spoken, the case is closed
Rosam quae meruit ferat
She who has earned the rose may bear it
qui tacet consentire videtur
he who is silent is taken to agree
in umbra, igitur, pugnabimus
Then we will fight in the shade