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nec vi, nec clam, nec precario
Without permission, without secrecy, without interruption
Perseverantia et Fide in Deo
Perseverance and Faith in God
Etiamsi omnes, ego non
Even if all others... I will never
non loqui sed facere
not talk but action
sic currite ut comprehendatis
Run to win
totus tuus
totally yours
sapiens qui prospicit
wise is he who looks ahead
hinc illae lacrimae
hence those tears
Pretium Laborum Non Vile
No mean reward for labour
Dominus fortitudo nostra
The Lord is our strength
semper anticus
always forward
we send
post cibum (p.c.)
after food
nisi paria non pugnant
it takes two to make a fight
Lux mentis Lux orbis
Light of the mind, Light of the world
Deus lux mea est
God is my light
ad oculos
to the eyes
it pleases
hora fugit
the hour flees
tertium quid
a third something
a capite ad calcem
from head to heel
natura non facit saltus
nature makes no leaps
et cetera (etc. (US English); etc (UK English)) or(&c. (US); &c (UK))
And the rest
nunc aut nunquam
now or never
tu fui ego eris
I was you; you will be me
sero venientes male sedentes
those who are late are poorly seated
etsi deus non daretur
even if God were not a given
ignotus (ign.)
quaecumque sunt vera
whatsoever is true
mictus cruentus
bloody urine
vivat rex
May the King live!
entitas ipsa involvit aptitudinem ad extorquendum certum assensum
reality involves a power to compel sure assent
tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito
you should not give in to evils, but proceed ever more boldly against them