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with the elves
lâ nisaphda Nimriyê.
I do not understand the elvish tongue.
kinâkhi agat-thâniyô.
you come from a land of death.
nuphrât aganî.
my parents are dead.
urkim ya kitôdi ninad.
the orcs that you see are behind me.
help me!
ni lâ sapthêth.
I am not a wise-woman.
lâ ki-pôli yad sâibeth-mâ 'n ni iri.
you cannot go by my assent alone.
ni-na nithil.
I am only a girl.
lâ ni-na bên 'n zigûr.
I am not a servant of the wizard.
ki-bêthi izindi.
you speak true.
Come then!