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nî lu dâur-dalad
the moon under gloom
Imrazôr utôdi azra.
Imrazôr is watching the sea.
bawâb anâkhi êphalô.
wind is coming from far away.
ka azra azgârâ zâyanada.
and the sea is making war against the land.
dulgî sapîna ugrudâm sakal.
black clouds are overshadowing the beach.
Imrazôr uhuznudâ rûkh hunad.
Imrazor is hearing a shout behind him.
nithil inâkhi.
a girl is coming.
Gimlînzilin nâkhi.
it is Gimlînzil who is coming.
ê attû!
oh father!
ammî idâri.
mother is waiting.
ni-nâkhi zadanad.
I am coming to the house.