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Imrazôr sakalaban-zê
Imrazôr in Middle-Earth
hi-Akallabêthin azra-dalad.
she-that-is-fallen lies under the sea.
tâidô Imrazôr, banâth ka phel Gimlînzilin nakham sakalabanad.
Once ago, Imrazôr, his wife, and daughter Gimlînzil came to the shore of Middle-Earth
îdô kâtha balîka yadam êphalad.
Now all ships went far away.
yâ irî.
they are alone.
yadan-nad batâna yada thurushad ka urîdad.
behind the house, a road goes to fenland and mountains.
raban tuda thurush.
a dog watches the fenland.
urkim urîd-zê
orcs are in the mountains.
kitudahê batân!
look at the road!
a man!
kiyadahê nadanad!
go into the house!
ni-zêri kan zagar.
I wish to hold a sword.
askâ naru-nud.
a wound is upon the man.