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urkim nênud!
orcs are upon us!
narun îdô zadan-zê.
the man is now in the house.
he speaks.
ni-na Ulbar.
I am Ulbar.
ni-nâkhi kadar-ô.
I come from the town.
dolgô kalubi.
darkness is falling.
urkim nênud.
orcs were upon us.
kadar-lâi aganî.
the town-folk are dead.
ni-na lâ nardû.
I'm not a soldier.
ni-na zagur-tamar.
I'm just a sword-smith.
liyadahê karîb-mâ.
go by horse.
bâ lidarahê.
don't wait.
liyadahê nimîr-ada.
go to the elves.
attû, bêthîya 'n Ulbar saphdî.
father, the words of Ulbar are wise.
lâ kisaphudi.
you don't understand.
lâ nê-polam yad nimîr-ada.
we cannot go to the elves.
nardû-bê 'n Ar-Pharazôn ni-nakha sakalabanad.
As a soldier of Ar-Pharazôn I came to Middle Earth.
ka lâ ni-na nimruzîr.
and I am not an elf-friend.
lâ nisaphda.
I cannot understand.
lâ ni-na agnubêl.
I am not a death-lover.