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Temas del momento

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Temas del momento
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he compartido
I have shared
he comprado
I have bought
he jugado
I have played
he leido
I have read
he oido
I have heard
he roto
I have broken
he subido
I have uploaded
¿has probado...?
have you tried...?
mi hermano ha descargado
my brother has downloaded
se ha estrenado...
...has been released
la nueva canción
the new song
el último libro
the latest book
ya lo/la he visto
I have already seen it
ya los/las he visto
I have already seen them
no lo he visto todavía
I haven't seen it yet
no las he visto todavía
I haven't seen them yet
acabo de ver
I have just seen
acabo de jugar
I have just played
cuenta la historia de
it tells the story of
trata de
it's about
combina el misterio con la acción
it combines mystery with action
el argumento es fuerte
the plot is strong
el argumento es débil
the plot is weak
la banda sonora es buena
the soundtrack is good
la banda sonora es mala
the soundtrack is bad
los actores
the actors
los efectos especiales
the special effects
los gráficos
the graphics
los personajes
the characters
las animaciones
the animations
las canciones
the songs
son guapos
are good-looking
son guay
are cool
son estupendos
are great
son impresionantes
are impressive
son originales
are original
son repetitivos
are repetitive