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pay back
to repay
sleep in
to sleep longer than usual
angle for
Try to obtain something by hinting, without telling directly.
know of
have heard of / have knowledge about
opt out
Leave a system or decide not to participate
conk out
1) Stop working. 2) Stop or fall asleep (from exhaustion).
lay off
Fire, dismiss, let go
egg on
tire out
Exhaust completely
move out
Leave your home/office for another one.
get together
Meet each other
take up
Start something e.g. a job
speed up
fuss over
Pay excessive attention to
draw up
to prepare a document, agreement, contract. "Who will draw a contract up?"
get up
Rise / leave bed
get over
Recover from (illness, disappointment)
hit at
to strike at someone or something. Aim a blow at something. "I hit at the wall to see how solid it was."
freak out
Panic or go crazy
bring about
Cause something to happen
show off
Brag or want to be admired
slip up
Make a mistake
count on
Rely or depend on. " Can I count on this car to start every morning of the year?"
wrap up
To finish something / to wear enough clothes to keep you warm / Cover; enclose
back off
Retreat, abandon an intention.
hook up
Link broadcasting facilities. To assemble or wire (a mechanism). 2. To connect a mechanism and a source of power. To meet or associate: "We agreed to hook up after class."
dish out
Distribute or give away a lot.
grow up
Spend one's childhood / become an adult
test out
Carry out an experiment
look for
Try to find something
agree with
Have the same opinion as someone else
go without
Abstain from
invite out
to invite someone to go somewhere such as a restaurant or cinema with you, often because you want to start a romantic or sexual relationship with them
account for
Explain; give a reason
come up against
Be faced with or opposed by.
take away / takeaway
Buy food at a restaurant and carry it elsewhere to eat it. / a restaurant or shop selling cooked food to be eaten elsewhere. "a fast-food takeaway"
sit down
Take a seat
sign up (for)
Enroll in an activity
get round (to)
Find the necessary time to do something.
throw up
Vomit / be sick
put up with
jot down
Take quick notes
put back
Return to its proper place, replace
go in for
Have something as an interest or hobby.
slow down
look after
Take care of
ease off / ease up
Reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work ...)
indulge in
Allow yourself to enjoy something
lose out to
to lose a competition to someone or something. / be less successful. " Our team lost out to the other team."
go along (with)
Agree with; accept.
go on
deal with
Handle, take care of, address (problem, situation)
set up
Start a business
boil down to
Be summarized as / [for a complex situation] to be reduced to its essentials. "It boils down to the question of who is going to win. " / If a situation or problem boils down to something, that is the main reason for it
butt in (on)
Interrupt impolitely.
advise against
Recommend not doing something
stand for
1) Represent, mean 2) Tolerate
join up
1) Engage in, become a member of 2) Meet and unite with
take on
Hire or engage staff (staff: the people who work for an organization)
frown on / frown upon
focus on
Concentrate on something
drown out
Be louder in order to cover another sound.
come across
1) Find by chance, encounter 2) Appear, seem, make an impression.
factor in
Include when calculating or trying to understand something
keep on
Continue doing something (keep on)
look out
Be careful/pay attention
make up
put on powder, lipstick, etc. / Invent (excuse, story)
take out
to remove something or someone
pass on
put on
Turn on / switch on
take in
Allow to stay in one's home
put out
give up
1) Stop doing something. 2) Stop trying to do something
adhere to
to continue to obey a rule or have a belief // Support; follow; act in accordance with
drift apart
If two people drift apart, they gradually become less friendly and their relationship ends.
carry on
Continue (carry on)
ward off
Keep away or repel (something dangerous or unpleasant).
live through
Experience something and survive
idle away
Waste time doing nothing much.
pick up
bring up
1) Raise (a child). 2) Mention something.
break in on
Interrupt unexpectedly
boot up
to start up a computer. / Start a computer by loading an operating system or program.
make oneself out (to be)
claim to be
go off
1) Explode 2) Ring/ make a loud noise 3) Stop working 4) No longer be good to eat or drink 5) No longer like or enjoy.
face up (to)
Accept a deal with something unpleasant. // to accept that a difficult situation exists
get in
leak out
Become known (information)
drag out
1) Make something longer than necessary. 2) Make someone reveal or give information unwillingly.
sign up (with)
Sign an agreement to work for somebody
sort out
organise, resolve a problem
insure against
Guarantee compensation for damage etc.
trade in
Give as part payment for a new article. / to give something such as a car to the person you are buying a new one from, as part of the payment
amount to
Reach; be equivalent to
go for
Try to gain or attain.
back out
Withdraw from an agreement.
miss out (on)
Lose an opportunity to do something.
light up
nose about / nose around
Try to discover by searching.
go over