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block off
Separate using a barrier.
leave out
Omit / not mention
band together
Unite in a group.
answer for
1) Be responsible for something. 2) Speak on behalf of someone.
line up
Stand in a row.
find out
Discover or obtain information
blow up
1) Explode. 2) Be destroyed by an explosion.
black out
Faint; lose consciousness
take up
Adopt as a hobby
scrape together / scrape up
Manage to find or collect enough of something you need, usually money
talk out of
Persuade someone not to do something
log in / log on
Access a program or database using a password.
wind up
Finish or put an end to something
break in / break into
Enter by force in order to steal something.
lose out on
miss or be deprived of something
end up
Finally reach a state, place or action
drop off
1) Deliver someone or something. 2) Fall asleep.
go out
Leave one's home to attend a social event.
whip up
Prepare quickly.
come up with
Produce an idea or plan.
break through
Force a way through something
ring back
Return a phone call (Also: call back)
die down
Calm down, become less strong.
use up
Finish a product ( so that there's none left)
nod off
Fall asleep
make up for
Compensate for
hurry up
Be quick / act speedily
get out
bail out
1) Pay money to secure someone's release 2) Rescue from financial difficulties
break (sth) down
Divide in smaller or simpler parts.
pick out
Select; choose
back up
1) Give support or encouragement 2) make a copy of (file, program...)
make off with
Steal and hurry away
put off
Postpone / arrange a later date
act on
Take action as a result of something
write back
Reply to a letter
get into (+ noun)
get out of (+verb)
Avoid doing something
act out
Demonstrate something with gestures and actions.
bump into
Meet by accident or unexpectedly.
wash up
Wash the dishes after a meal.
wear off
Gradually disappear.
ask around
Mention it to people you see or meet.
head for
Go/move in a certain direction.
go down
Decrease, reduce
look through
examine, usually quickly
sign over (to)
Transfer ownership of something
think over
do without
Manage without.
take after
Resemble in appearance or character
hang back
Be reluctant to do something
break away
Escape from captivity.
avail (oneself) of
Take advantage of something (an opportunity)
warm up
1) Reheat something. 2) Make more lively or more relaxed.
call back
Return a phone call
put on
Wear a garment or piece of clothing.
go by
settle for
Accept something not quite satisfactory.
stick out
Come out
throw away
Discard as useless or unwanted.
write (sth) down
Note something on a piece of paper.
show up
Appear / arrive
get on (well) with
Have a good relationship with
explain away
Find an excuse or plausible explanation
get off
1) Leave (bus, train, plane). 2) Remove from something.
make out
fill in the details (e.g. cheque)
go with / go together
Match; harmonize (with)
fire back
Shoot back
take away
Cause something to disappear
lose out
Be unsuccessful / suffer a loss
even out
1) Eliminate differences of opinion. 2) Become level or regular
look on
Be a spectator at an event
drag on
Last longer than expected.
apply for
Make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan, etc.)
mark down
Reduce the price.
put up
Erect, build
break down
1) Go out of order, stop functioning. 2) Lose control of one's emotions.
consist in
Have something as its principal or only feature
arrive at
Reach (an agreement, a decision, a conclusion)
come forward
Present oneself; volunteer
ring off
End a phone call
go in
talk into
Persuade someone to do something
take care of
Look after
sober up
Get rid of the effects of too much alcohol
dispense with
to get rid of or stop using something or someone that you do not need
hook up
Fasten (a garment)
hit on / hit upon
Find unexpectedly or by inspiration
look back on
Remember the past
clam up
Refuse to speak.
go into (+ noun)
Go inside / Join or enter a profession.
bring off
Succeed in doing something difficult
gloss over
Treat something briefly so as to avoid embarrassing details.
make up (with)
End a quarrel/become friends again
water down
1) Dilute or make weaker by adding water 2) Make less severe
break free
Detach from a physical hold.
check in
Register at a hotel or airport.
make up
prepare a bed for use / form, constitute
take in
Understand what one sees, hears or reads / realize what is happening.
take out
Invite someone to dinner, the theatre, cinema, etc.