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aim at
Direct towards a target
narrow down
Reduce a list or a number of options.
keep at
break with
Discontinue something or do something in a different way.
touch down
Land on the runway
liven up
Make something livelier or more attractive.
add up
Make sense; seem reasonable
play up
Emphasize or make something seem more important.
pick up
Collect; give someone a lift
sign in
Register (e.g. at a hotel)
look ahead
Think of the future
allow for
Take into consideration; Include in a calculation
run into
Meet by accident or unexpectedly (also : bump into)
stick around
Stay somewhere for some time
look away
Turn your head away so as not to see
kneel down
Go down on your knees
put (sth) out
Leave/place something outside the house.
improve on / improve upon
Make better
rely on
Count on / depend on / trust
drop in
Visit, usually on the way somewhere.
answer back
Reply rudely
put forward
Propose or recommend something
hang on
go (out) with
Have someone as a boyfriend/girlfriend.
vie with
Compete or rival with someone
single out
Select for special attention
name after
Give the same name as another person
beef up
Improve or make more substantial
drop out
Leave school without finishing.
log off
End access to a database.
keep up with
Stay at the same level as someone or something
get out of (+noun)
dig up
1) Break up the soil/remove by digging. 2) Discover or reveal information.
pull through
Overcome difficulties or illness
stick together
Support each other.
knock down
Strike someone or something to the ground.
wear away
To disappear after use or over time.
look forward to
Await or anticipate with pleasure
fit in (with)
Feel comfortable or be in harmony with
get on
Board (bus, train, plane)
put away
Return something to its normal place after using it.
sign away
Give up one's rights or ownership
check out
1) Pay one's bill and leave (a hotel) 2) Investigate or verify.
embark on / embark upon
Start or engage in
answer to
Be responsible to/be controlled by (someone)
figure out
Understand / find the answer
hold on
1) Wait 2) Grip tightly
set off
Start a journey
burn out
1) Stop (something) working 2) Become exhausted from overworking
call on / call upon
Formally invite or request.
make (sth) into
Convert or change into
stick with
Continue using or doing something
stick out
Become noticeable
hand in
Submit (report, homework)
go through
1) Experience 2) Examine, study carefully.
hand back
calm down
Become more relaxed or less angry/upset.
drive at
Insinuate; be trying to say. / If you ask someone what they are driving at, you ask that person what they really mean
wind up
Arrive finally in a place.
break out of
Escape from a place by force.
hang up
End a telephone conversation
get at
consist of
Be composed or made up of
put (someone) up
Accommodate / give someone a bed
turn down
1) Lower the volume. 2) Refuse
take up
Make something shorter. / Continue something interrupted.
take apart
Dismantle or separate the components
take back
Retract or withdraw something said
work out
1) Do physical exercise 2) Find a solution or calculate something
put through
Connect two people (on the phone)
make for
move in the direction of/head for
appeal to
1)Plead or make an earnest request. 2) Be attractive or interesting.
back down
Withdraw; concede defeat.
wolf down
Eat greedily and quickly.
phase in / phase out
Introduce or discontinue something gradually
cut down on
Reduce in number or size.
stand up
Rise from a sitting position
close down
Stop operating (company, restaurant, cinema ...)
bank on
Base your hopes on something/someone.
get along (with)
Be on good terms / work well with.
go down with
Become ill with an infectious disease
come down with
to start to suffer from an illness, especially one that is not serious: I think I'm coming down with flu.
break off
1) Stop, discontinue 2) Stop speaking
iron out
Resolve by discussion/ eliminate differences
stick up for
fire away
Ask questions in quick succession.
call off
head off
Start to go somewhere.
stick to
Continue without changing anything
ask out
Invite someone to lunch, dinner, the cinema...
track down
Find by searching
drift off
Gradually fall asleep.
cross out
Remove by drawing a line through.
make of
have an opinion about something / If you ask someone what they make of someone or something, you want to know their opinion about that person or thing
hang out
Spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends
go through with
Proceed with something difficult
leaf through
Turn over pages quickly
vouch for
Express confidence in, or guarantee something
abide by
Respect or obey (the law, a decision, a rule)
take out
Obtain a service or document. / to arrange to get something from a company, bank, etc.