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make out
be able to hear or read something
cut out
1) Remove using scissors. 2) Stop doing something.
turn away
Refuse entrance to someone
pop across / pop over / pop down / pop out
To go over someone's house without them knowing. / Come or go quickly in the direction specified
veer away from
Avoid, stay away from
stick (sth) out
Tolerate, accept to continue
play up
Cause pain or discomfort.
hit back
Retaliate / reply to an attack
give away
1) Give something free of charge. 2) Reveal something.
catch up with
Reach the same stage as someone else.
fizzle out
Gradually end
join in
wipe off
Clean (board, table)
hand out
act up
Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly
bargain for
Expect; be prepared for.
rig out
Dress or equip
take up
Fill or occupy space or time.
shop around
Compare prices
watch out
Be careful
average out at
Result in an average (amount)
go up
Increase, rise
wear down
Make someone feel weary/tired.
wear out
1) Become unusable 2) Become very tired
do up
Fasten (a garment)
run out of
Have no more of something
go away
1) Leave a place 2) Disappear / fade
fall through
Fail / does not happen
shut up
Be silent, stop talking
scrape through
Succeed with difficulty
point out
Indicate / direct attention to something
sink in
To be fully understood
ache for
Want something or someone very much.
give in
Accept defeat; surrender
dig into
1) Try to find deep inside something. 2) Start to do something. 3) Take from something.
hold up
Show as a example
chip in
Contribute to, or participate in, something done by a group.
knock out
Cause someone to fall unconscious.
nail down
Make someone say something precisely
drop behind
Fall into a position behind others.
run away
Escape from a place or suddenly leave
bear with
Be patient.
pick on
Choose someone to blame, punish, bully, etc.
cheer up
Put someone in a better mood.
back away
Move backwards, in fear or dislike
get on with
Continue to do something / make progress
take back
Agree to receive back/ be returned.
tear up
Rip into pieces
end in
Finish in a certain way / result in
fill out
Complete (a form/application)
sleep over
Stay overnight at someone else's home.
break away from
Leave and become independent
toy with
Think about, without serious intent
fall apart
Disintegrate; break; fall into pieces.
get by (on)
Manage to cope or to survive.
look down on
Consider as inferior
get rid of
go after
Pursue (an object or a goal)
break out
Start suddenly and spread quickly
break up
Come to an end (marriage, relationship...) / Separate into small pieces.
pop in
Make a brief visit
mix up
Mistake one thing or person for another
give back
Return something to its owner.
try on
Put on or wear something to see if it suits or fits
fix up
Repair or renovate
ask after
Enquire about someone's well-being.
get down to
Start to actually do something.
look into
Examine or investigate.
take off
Leave the ground
get away
reel off
Recite without effort or pause
pass away
do over
Clean or redecorate.
carry over
Postpone until later. / to move to or to come from a place or time
own up
Admit or confess something
let down
1) Disappoint 2) Lengthen (skirt, pants)
bear out
kick off
Begin, start
knock back
Drink quickly (usually alcohol)
hang on (to)
Keep a hold on something
pop up
Arise, occur
move in
Arrive in a new home or office
ask in
Invite someone to come inside.
brush up on
Improve, refresh one's knowledge of something.
give over!
Stop doing something irritating.
rub out
sign out
Pay your bill and leave (e.g. a hotel)
fall back on
Be able to use something in an emergency
turn up
1) Arrive, appear 2) Raise the volume
keep back
Retain / force to stay back
hand over
Give to someone in authority.
fall behind
Fail to maintain a certain level
scale back / scale down
Make something smaller than originally intended.
do away with
Get rid of; abolish.
turn off
Stop by turning a switch, tap or knob.
look up to
impose on / impose upon
to ask or expect someone to do something that may give them extra work or trouble
put (yourself) out
Go to a lot of trouble / be inconvenienced.
fill in for
Temporarily substitute for another person
make fun of
Laugh at / make jokes about