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rule out
carry out
1) Do something as specified (plan, order, threat...) 2) Perform or conduct (test, experiment ...)
hand down
Pass on (by tradition, inheritance...)
take in
Note with your eyes and register.
get about
to manage to move around
note down
Write something down
play down
Minimize or make something appear less important
fold in
Mix one ingredient with another.
laugh off
to make yourself laugh about something unpleasant in order to make it seem less important or serious / Make light of something / minimize
tell off
Reprimand / criticize severely
pass out
Faint / lose consciousness
clamp down on
Act strictly to prevent something.
deck out in / deck out with
Dress; decorate
go back
catch up on
Acquire information you have missed.
dress up
1) Wear elegant clothes. 2) Disguise oneself.
take out
Extract from somewhere.
get around
1) To spread among a number of people, as of news, rumors, etc. 2) (slang) To have sexual intercourse with many different partners.