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Los pros y los contras de la ciudad

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Los pros y los contras de la ciudad
The pros and cons of living in a city
lo mejor de vivir en la ciudad es que...
the best thing about living in a city is that...
es tan fácil desplazarse
it's so easy to get around
hay una red de transporte público
there is a public transport system
hay tantas diversiones
there are so many things to do
hay muchas posibilidades de trabajo
there are lots of job opportunities
lo peor es que...
the worst thing is that...
el centro es tan ruidoso
the centre is so noisy
hay tanto tráfico
there is so much traffic
hay tantos coches
there are so many cars
se lleva una vida tan frenética
life is so frenetic
la gente no se conoce
people don't know each other
en el campo...
in the countryside...
el transporte público no es fiable
public transport is not reliable
hay bastante desempleo
there is quite a lot of unemployment
no hay tantos atascos como antes
there are not as many traffic jams as before
yo conozco a todos mis vecinos
I know all my neighbours