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Destino Arequipa

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Destino Arequipa
Destination Arequipa
vi lugares interesantes
I saw interesting places
vimos lugares interesantes
we saw interesting places
tuvimos un guía
we had a guide
nos hizo un recorrido
he/she did a tour for us
nos ayudó a entender toda la historia
he/she helped us to understand all of the history
recorrí a pie el centro histórico
I walked around the historic centre
compré tantas cosas
I bought so many things
alquilé una bici de montaña
I hired a mountain bike
cogí un autobús turístico
I took a tourist bus
we went up
we went down
aprendí mucho sobre la cultura
I learned a lot about the culture
me quedé impresionado con la ciudad
I was really impressed by the city
había vistas maravillosas
there were amazing views
la comida estaba muy buena
the food was very good
la gente era abierta
the people were open
lo que más me gustó fue...
what I like most was...
¡Fue una experiencia única!
It was a one-off experience!
¡Qué miedo!
How scary!
volveré algún día
I will go back one day
aprenderé a hacer surf
I will learn to surf
trabajaré como voluntario
I will work as a volunteer