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Las fiestas

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Las fiestas
la fiesta de...
the festival of...
esta tradición antigua
this old tradition
se caracteriza por
is characterised by
se celebra en
is celebrated in
se repite
is repeated
se queman figuras de madera
wooden figures are burnt
se construyen hogueras
bonfires are built
se disparan fuegos artificiales
fireworks are set off
se lanzan huevos
eggs are thrown
las calles se llenan de
the streets are filles with
los niños
los jóvenes
young people
los familiares
las familias
comen manzanas de caremelo
(they) eat toffee apples
decoran las casas
(they) decorate houses
decoran las tumbas
(they) decorate graves
con flores
with flowers
con velas
with candles
preparan linternas
(they) prepare lanterns
preparan altares
(they) prepare altars
se disfrazan de brujas
(they) dress up as witches
se disfrazan de fantasmas
(they) dress up as ghosts
ven desfiles
(they) watch processions